The swing speed is known when the golfer hits the ball with the iron or any golf club and then calculating the average distance on all hits that is the swing speed. If you are a beginner o high handicapper you will face issues in the beginning but with time you will get used to the golf club items. Many factors can affect your performance.

Age is the main factor as we grow older own swing speed changes drastically and the performance decrease as compared to when we are young and energetic. The second factor is experienced your swing will become better if you practice daily. Some of the best drier for 95 mph swing speed is mentioned below.

Srixon Z585 Driver

Srixon Z585 Driver is one of the best drivers that give the best performance. The drier is light in weight and very forgiving. These drivers are made up of the best quality and are durable. The driver is very responsive and adjustable. The design of the driver is beautiful. The driver is affordable and anyone can purchase it.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

These drivers have a very classy look and give a good swing to the golfer. The deeper face of the driver allows the golfer to make the high shot. These drivers are very forgiving and are affordable. The driver is best for beginners and high handicappers not for the professionals.

Wilson D300

Wilson driver is one of the best drivers and is adjustable. You can adjust the loft of the driver to any angle. The driver is very lightweight increasing the swing speed. The price of the driver is highly affordable.

TaylorMade M2 2017

The grip of the driver is excellent and can be held for hours without any discomfort. It has easy alignment and gives high forgiveness.

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