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When we run, our shadow runs. But we never catch it! What makes a shadow? Where does shadow come from? In daytime, when sun is shining, everything has its own shadow.

You can see a number of objects that have shadows like furniture, decoration pieces, Cars, buildings, trees, electrical appliances and other things in your house have shadows. But do you ever noticed how shadows are formed?

Shadows are made when objects block sun rays. They could be longer in winter season due to angle of sun. Outline of shadow is called silhouette. In early morning and in late afternoon, shadows will became longest.

There will be no shadow or minimum shadow if sun is directly above us. Long time ago, when there were no clocks, people estimate the time with the help of shadow. All living and non-living things have shadows that can block light.

Transparent things have no shadows because light can easily pass through them.
Shadow has many names in different languages. IF you want to know how to say “shadow” in different languages, then visit TheDifferentLanguages.

Shadows became larger when objects are near to the light source and if there are multiple light source, there will be multiple shadows.

When we were small, we get scared from our shadow. In our childhood, we have used our hands to make shadows of different animals and birds. Everyone have done this game.

In many countries, people have art to make shadows of different objects and they use this art to entertain the audience.
When the sun is on our front side, the shadow forms behind us. If the sun is on our left, then the shadow forms to our right. If the sun is on our right, then the shadow forms to our left.

Shadows have many benefits for us. When hot sunny days in summers, shadows keep us and our cars cool. Clouds also make shadows when they pass in front of the sun.

You can play many games from shadows with your kids to entertain them. You can play it in your house, in any room with flashlight, torch or lamp.

Using your hands, you can make shadows of animals, birds, and different objects. You can ask your kids to guess the shadow.

You can do something different if you play this game outdoor. Trace any shadow by using a chalk. Then watch how it changes as the sun moves across the sky.

Here are some other name of shadows in the different languages.
In Dutch we will say “schaduw”
In French, we will say “ombre”
In Italian, we will say “ombra”
In Russian, we will say “тень (ten’)”
In Spanish, we will say “sombra”
To make a shadow, it is very simple process, just three things needed. Light, surface and object. When the object comes between the light and the surface the shadow has shown. The sharpness of edges of a shadow depends upon how big the light source is, small lights perform sharp shadows, and large lights perform blurry shadows.


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