Due to the updates in the Battle game its popularity increases. There are different updates in items like guns, outfits, and maps.  Epic makes very interesting updates every day. There are amazing updates on maps.

Battle games provide the player with special prizes for winning the tournaments. The battle games also provide the opportunity to the player to get the skin or outfit for their avatar to make them look unique from the other 99 players. So there is plenty of reason for the popularity of Battle games many people around the globe are interested in playing these games.

Battle games include Pubg, call of duty, mine craft, Fortnite, and many more in which the player escapes and fights to survive. Every player is satisfied by these games no one ever complains about their features. The reason for the popularity is that the battle game is easy to play which doesn’t mean that anyone without practice can play the game meaning is that the one with strategy will find it easy to play.

How to spectate in Fortnite

If you are interested in playing with your friends you have the option to play with them. You can just create the room and all your friends can join that after that you can play in a team and start playing the battle. This game is free to play that’s why most people prefer playing it. Fortnite also gives another opportunity to the players that if they want to see the match of their friends they can easily spectate them.

If you are waiting in the lobby for your friends and nothing else to do then you can watch your friends match and see how they are playing. To watch the match then make sure that you are in the lobby together with your friend. get the opportunity to make new friends.

Other Tips and Instructions

If you are available in the lobby then you just have to click on your friend’s name and select the spectate option. As long as your friend is in the match you can spectate them. After your friend’s match ends you can no longer spectate the match. The total time that you can spectate is only 30 seconds.

There is also a limit on the spectators if the limit exceeds you will not be able to watch the match. So must hurry and be the first one to spectate the match. If your friends are waiting on the battle bus then you cannot spectate him.

You can only spectate after the drop. You can only spectate if everyone in the lobby is either playing or spectating the match if these actions are not performed then you will not be able to spectate the match. When you will request for spectate option it will take some time to open the match so don’t need to get irritated. Be patient for two or three minutes for the spectate function to get going.  The reason

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