Today we will be showing you mistakes players commonly make in valheim whether you’re a new player or even an advanced player you might do some or many of the mistakes shown in this guide like we did and a lot of other players did so don’t worry even if you’re an advanced player and have put hundreds of hours in this game it’s still possible to make some of these mistakes as some are just easily overlooked.

let me preface this guide by saying you should play valheim however you want but some of these mistakes might make your life in valheim harder than necessary for no reason or just make you die more nobody likes dying right or taking more time to complete a task than necessary so let’s get right into this mistake.

Not Building Your Base Next To The Ocean

Not building your base next to the ocean for example if standing then it looks like an amazing spot right a lot of open area and room to make an epic base but look at the distance to the ocean it’s really far away and you really want to build your base next to the ocean like for example when you go on an overseas strip to get ore from other Valheim Biomes Native Gamer you want to deposit your oar as soon as possible when you return.

Loaded With Ore

If you’re loaded with ore like this you really don’t want to undergo the procedure of carrying all of this to a base that is so far away from the coast and waste all the time going there not only do you have to deal with getting encumbered potentially but you can also get attacked by monsters etc so you really don’t want to make it extra tedious and after coming back from a perhaps exciting sailing trip also having to worry about your trip on the land it’s so nice when you can just immediately deposit your ore and then turn it into ingols or just continue your journey and let’s be honest ghost houses are just awesome anyway wow mistake.

Passing Up On Dissolves Mushrooms And Berries

Passing Up On Dissolves Mushrooms And Berries now always when you see tissues mushrooms or berries you definitely want to pick these up these things cannot be planted by yourself so you have to always get them from the wild and this is important because they are used for a lot of useful recipes and food that you will be making in the early-mid and late-game especially tissues are important.

They are used for many recipes including some of the best food recipes in the game that you will only unlock in the late game and you might be easy going about this when you see them in the wild and think something like oh i’ll pick them up next time or you’re just still in the early game and think ah we don’t need that and then never see them again it takes no effort and barely any time to pick them up so why pass upon them by not passing up on them you’ll make sure to have enough of these for any recipe that requires them a mistake.

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