Nikon always breaks the norms for photographical technology. Another stunning addition to the product range, the Nikon D850, a powerful and high end DSLR camera provides stunning results.To add more the camera is also Nikon fastest-shooting DSLRs.

As described the Nikon D850 belongs to the category of high end DSLR camera. The camera is ideally suited for photographical experts and amateurs that desire to take pro grade shots. The mighty powerful and grand features of the camera will certainly inspire pro grade shooters.

To begin with the camera comes with a grand full frame backside -illuminated CMOS sensor with a high count of 46MP. The BSI sensor forms the basis of an enhanced light accumulation efficiency as compared to orthodox camera systems. The camera is based on the established grounds of the ultimate powerful and unparallel photography technology by Nikon. The camera is your best companion for travelling and professional shoots for taking images for low light conditions. Additionally, the BSI sensor increase the pixel count near the edge of the sensors that enables more light at higher angles.

The camera is embedded with a next generation electronic front curtain shutter option (EFCS) that offers dual operation both in silent shutter mode, live view and mirror-up mode. Technically speaking the modified design of shutter and mirror mechanism, mirror / shutter film does seem to offer an effective and problem free operation of EFCS.

With the automated 153-point AF system set a fine tune value for highly precise focusing. The AF system is based on the central AF point and standardizes the lens and enables you to explore the full potential of your lens.

Other interesting features include a 3.2″ tilting LCD touchscreen with 2.36M-dot resolution that can provide 1024×768-pixel resolution.

The camera provides UHD 4K video capability with up to 30p will full frame sensor width. The camera can instantaneously output 4: 2: 2 8-bit UHD recording, along with 1080p video recording even at 120p, which is highly remarkable.

The camera continues the mode of high end DSLR camera and provides a dynamic feature of a high count of 180,000-pixel metering system.

This camera is designed for pro grade shooters, with illuminated controls and built in Wi-Fi and full-time Bluetooth LE connection powered by SnapBridge.

The main plus points of the camera an extensive battery life, that can provide an astounding 1840 shots on a single charge. The camera actually provides four- or five-times additional shots than you get with other high-end cameras.


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